Proposal (Yes to All)



“Last night in my deep slumber, I was dreaming.

Of a boy who kneeled with a pair of golden ring.

And a girl who said yes.

She said yes.

To give love another chance despite being hurt too many times.

She said yes.

To start believing in man again.

She said yes.

To building a new house.

She said yes.

To a swimming pool on the backyard.

She said yes.

She said yes.

To cheap Chinese furniture on the living room.

She said yes.

To one fluffy couch where they can cuddle night and days.

She said yes.

To a shared bedroom.

She said yes.

To bear his snoring every night.

She said yes.

To bacon and toast every morning.

Even when she’s not a morning person at all.

None of them are.

But she said yes anyway.

She said yes.

To visit each other’s family on Christmas.

She said yes.

To be his only valentine for the rest of the valentines that there are.

She said yes.

To have tons of child.

She said yes.

To raise them together.

She said yes.

To fight and make up immediately.

Most of all.

She said yes.

To walk down the aisle with him waiting nervously on the altar.

She said yes.

To marry.

She said yes.

And when she said yes.

I saw his hazel brown eyes beam.

And her reflection lingered on the light of his eyes.

Now, as I’m not in the middle of my dream during my deep slumber.

But on my knees with this cheap ring.

I know they’re not as fancy as you always dream it to be.

But I promise you love and happiness.

It’s all that I can offer you now.

That’s why the center of my whole universe.

Will you do me a favor of saying yes and making me the happiest man alive

And make last night dream come true?”

Wiping the tears that slowly  form in the edge of her eyes,

She said yes.

A/N : Ini apaan dah. LOL. I don’t even know if people still read this blog. Just feel like posting this.


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